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Should I Poison Mice? - There are two schools of thought about poisoning mice. One says that it is a sure-fire way to get rid of the little pests. The other says that it may be inhumane or that you are putting your pets and children at risk of getting poisoned. So, when you ask yourself “Should I poison mice?” the answer is definitely and unequivocally that it is up to you. Some people are very compassionate to all living creatures and do not want to see any of them harmed in any way. Others have had to deal with them so frequently that their compassion has run out and all they want is a home free of vermin, their droppings and their bacteria.

If you decide to poison them, there are a number of commercially available mouse poisons you can choose from. They are usually of two different types, both very effective. You will have to be very careful about your pets. If they eat a mouse that has been poisoned, the effect of the poison that killed the mouse will also harm the pet. If the pet is small, it may even kill the pet. The other consideration is that the mouse may crawl into a hole to die and you may not be able to get to it. There will be an odor for a few days if that happens.

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